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Software Flashes: What they Do and Don't

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Software updates (flashes).

- All flashes are released to address a specific concern(s).

- some TSB's include parts replacement along with a flash.

- Flashes are done by part number and not software version.

- Some flashes may adversely affect a vehicles performance characteristics.

- A PCM (Powertrain Control Module or TCM (Transmission Control Module) flash will NOT update CCN (Cabin Compartment Node/Instrument Cluster) software version.

-All flashes update to the latest available software. If a module is flashed for any reason, the most recent software version available (at the time of download from TechCONNECT) for that module will be installed . This includes all previously released versions.

- On CAN bus equipped vehicles, including KA(Nitro), most flashes will set communication fault codes in many other modules. Make sure they get erased after a flash to prevent erroneous DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)

- Some flashes may adversely affect vehicle performance characteristics.

- Flashes are not a five minute job.

- Not all flashes are to repair software deficiencies. Some are to bypass mechanical deficiencies.

- Not all flashes are for all vehicles. They are vehicle configuration and build date specific.

- Just because a module is flashed, doesn't mean your symptom will go away. It may just be masked or occur at a less noticeable time/rpm range/speed.

- All flashes that can affect vehicle emissions (usually PCM or TCM), must be accompanied by an "authorized vehicle modification" label which should be affixed as close as possible to VECI label (Vehicle Emission Control Information).

- Some flashes can enable diagnostic tests performed by StarSCAN.

- Whenever a flash is performed, there is a possibility, very remote, for an update failure which could render the module irrecoverable and require replacement.

If there are further questions on this subject please ask and post them here.
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Are NITROs CAN bus equipped Vehicles. Just to be aware if you go to the shop for a flash. Thanks
I should have made that more clear. The Nitro platform is called - KA. So yes the Nitro is a CAN Bus equipped vehicle. Thanks.
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