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Some MyGig news

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A couple things to mention:

I contacted my dealer about updates for MyGig and mentioned the Chrysler website problems, it directs you for MyGig updates to the Sebring. The dealer rep contacted Dodge and they 'should' have the link fixed by the beginning of February. He said that if is isn't then he would get any updates for me to load on the MyGig.

For anyone wanting a backup camera, aftermarket, my boss found at Costco a wireless camera system. It is by Winplus and costs $70. The Item # 202791. I haven't installed mine yet but it uses the power from the backup lights to power the camera.

The camera has some night vision capabilities.

The monitor has AV inputs for attaching a DVD or video game. So you could use the 3.5" LCD display as a cheap rear seat video system if desired. The is even a USB power outlet on the monitor so you could power up a pocketpc, camera or phone. The monitor also has audio out and cables so you could also hook up into the sound system.

BTW, is anyone else getting occasional dead AM/FM radio? Twice now when I tried to use the AM radio there is nothing there. Happened this morning, before it came back after I stopped and came back to the car after a few minutes.
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Was talking with my boss about this backup system. His idea was to tie the camera into the license plate lites!? The camera would be on whenever I had the lites on. Much easier than trying to snake all that wiring into the backup lights.

I had an idea he rather liked. The monitor has an aux input for video/audio. maybe a night vision camera could be hooked up for night driving. Just press the AUX input button and the monitor gives you a good look forward with a IR or thermal camera view of the road.

On the Costco website has a wireless backup camera system but it is not the one carried at the local site. The method for mounting the camera is different.
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