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Sound Quailty Problem.Help Needed.

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I never been so frustrated with a vehicles audio like on this Nitro. I never left a factory radio in any of my car's but I just may on the Nirto. I've read many of success story's here. Mine not so much. It's with noise.Noise,noise and noise. A buzzing noise through the speakers actually. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Radio,cd, volume down,volume up. To go as far as having only power,acc and ground wired up. Nothing else wired in. Can It be the radio itself? I have the Metro harness. One more thing. The radio likes to turn itself on and off too. Happy 4th.
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The head-unit is a JVC HDR1 cd with HD radio.And I didn't ground the radio separately. I used the black ground that was built into the metra harness.And the RCA connections are taped off with on metal showing.
I have come to the conclusion that The Metra interface is the reason for my headaches. Until I can come up with another $125 for the Pac Audio one. Now I see why Crutchfield took a 1 1/2 yrs to carry one. I'm taking it all out and putting the Factory radio back in. Thanks for the help.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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