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Sound Quailty Problem.Help Needed.

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I never been so frustrated with a vehicles audio like on this Nitro. I never left a factory radio in any of my car's but I just may on the Nirto. I've read many of success story's here. Mine not so much. It's with noise.Noise,noise and noise. A buzzing noise through the speakers actually. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Radio,cd, volume down,volume up. To go as far as having only power,acc and ground wired up. Nothing else wired in. Can It be the radio itself? I have the Metro harness. One more thing. The radio likes to turn itself on and off too. Happy 4th.
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Along with the other two posts, make sure you have all unused RCA plugs and connections taped and tied away. Sometimes vibrations from driving can cause these connections to sometimes contact each other and/or bare metal inside the shaft for the head unit causing some of the problems you described and possibly others. Many DIY's sometimes overlook this tedious step but it helps eliminate some possible causes of unwanted noise in your audio system.
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