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Well, I was going to class and actually on a clear highway for once and I was testing my Nitro out and out of nowhere was a cop on side of road and a second later his lights came on...:mad:

As he was walking up to my car I couldnt tell exactly what he was doing...he kept looking around left and ride of my car for a good 30 seconds..Completely confusing me:confused: When he eventually got up to my window he greeted me and then goes something like:
Cop: "What kinda car is this?"
Me: Nitro
Cop: Is this a new release?
Me: Yep, just came out a couple months ago
Cop: Mind if I take a look?
Me: uh....suree
**He starts looking around inside and out for a couple minutes..occasionally asking some questions..**

He then comes back to the window..
Cop: Very nice vehicle Im jealous..
Me: Thanks..
Cop: Well, enjoy the car and have a good day!
Me: .....Ok thanks!

and that was it....Didnt mention speeding or anything..Dont know if he forgot or it was quite entertaining - laughed the whole way to school :50:

Note: Your results may very, dont blame me if you get a ticket and dont get off on your Nitro's sexy looks! :D

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That has got to be one of the funniest things that I've ever heard. When I was test driving my Nitro I had a guy stick his head in passenger window while sitting in front of a store and says "Is this a Dodge?" as if he couldn't figure it out from the big ol' Ram head on the rear placard, he almost gave me a heart attack because I was staring around the vehicle the opposite way when he did it trying to figure out the controls and whatnot.

It's funny how many people stare at our new vehicles and make comments, especially since the commercials came out.
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