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"The Spicer Life Series driveshaft has a spline-tubed design that allows it to collapse into itself during a vehicle accident, one of many technological advancements, Mr. Fesenmyer said.

The design was first used on Chrysler's Toledo-made Jeep Wrangler and on its Toledo-made Dodge Nitro, which was introduced last year but is making its first visit to the Detroit auto show.

For the hometown Nitro, the local firm supplies a variety of parts, Mr. Fesenmyer said.

At its 150-employee Toledo factory alone, the company assembles Nitro front ends with its own axles and parts from several other suppliers, and the employees transport the modules to nearby Toledo Jeep Assembly complex in the sequence needed.

The Matzinger Road factory also sequences Nitro main driveshafts made at a Dana factory in Auburn Hills, as well as a competitor's rear axles, Mr. Fesenmyer said."

Link to Toledo Blade's Newspaper Article
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