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Spinoff of Silver07's post(re:MyGig)

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I see that there are some restrictions with MyGig and the in dash DVD capability. I understand that there is a law in some states:)i_rolleyes: mine is one of them), but what exactly does it mean? Will this feature work for me at all? What if it's in park?
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Generally the way the safety feature works is... in order to use certain functions like rerouting a route on the nav or watching a DVD the vehicle needs to be in park. You can still use the radio, music features and even listen to DVDs while driving.

On most aftermarket multimedia systems you can defeat the safety feature if needed through the use of aftermarket modules and or other means.

Its there for your safety and more of a CYA than anything. It is however, a royal PITA to pull over just to change your route on your nav and that is why most folks install an override.

This is just for your info and by no means am I condoning overriding a safety feature. i hope this helps.

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Check eBay.. there are a ton... most of the pioneer bypasses can be done without a module... check for Pioneer Avic models... the clarion models need a module because its a pulse system.

I grounded mine straight to the aftermarket dvd player touch screen, it was suppose to be grounded to the parking brake. But even though it is againist the law here to, I still wanted to watch movies while going, becouse just listening to the sound just isn't that much fun, haha....
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