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Starter stuck?

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When starting my 2007 SLT, the starter stays engaged and continues to try and start the vehicle, but the vehicle never turns fully over. Is it time for a new starter or is there a fuel issue? Any input is appreciated.
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i don't think your starter is getting stuck, i think your Nitro may have the "Tip start feature",
i don't think your starter is getting stuck, i think your Nitro may have the "Tip start feature",
I've never heard of that. If it means what I think it does, then probably not. I was on level ground.
It's progressively getting worse( happening more frequently). Sometimes from a cold start, sometimes when it's warmed up.
tip start allows you to turn the ignition key to crank the engine, then you can let go of the key and the engine will continue to crank untill the engine starts, if there is an issue then eventually the starter will stop cranking,
Yes, the vehicle is equipped with that feature.
Generally the engine starts by the time I take my hand off the key.
About a week ago was the first time it happened and twice since.
I turn key and let go as normal, (starter remains engaged)
wait till the count of 4, and it's still cranking, shut it down, Wait for 5 minutes and it usually starts normally.
so the starter motor is fine,
the no start issue you are having is quite common but there is not one definite solution,
i would not go throwing money on random parts because so many times it does not fix the issue,

first check for any fault codes,

here are a few things that fixed it for so Nitro owners :
  • try starting the engine with the shifter in "N" (faulty shifter switch)
  • new fuel injectors
  • new fuel pump, try leaving the ignition on for a long time before starting the engine (you can normally hear the fuel - - pump running, when the system reaches full pressure, it will shut off, then try to start the engine),
  • if you have the 3.7l engine the cheap copper spark plugs are the only ones to use (all other plugs cause issues),
so many things it could be,
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Could be also:
  • bad battery
  • bad starter
  • old oil
  • bad low pressure pump.
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