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Stereo power problem

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I just installed a stereo and am having problems with the power. I used the CHTO-03 harness and after the nitro sits for a few hours the stereo will not turn on unless i pull the radio fuse and put it back in. Now when i do have power i can go all day starting and turning off the nitro and have no problems with the stereo. I was thinking about running my own power wires to it but thought someone on here might know what my problem is. Any input would be greatly appreciated, because i am stumped on this one.
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It could be a little of both. There could be a program issue with the TIPM and then your interface is messing up and not reading the language to to turn back on. Call Metra and ask them.
So if it is the TIPM what needs to be done to fix that?

Well I dunno. If you aren't having that problem with the OEM radio???? I'd contact Metra first then go from there. I guess you could through in the stock radio and tell the dealer you are having that issue with the OEM one but I don't know.

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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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