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Stereo power problem

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I just installed a stereo and am having problems with the power. I used the CHTO-03 harness and after the nitro sits for a few hours the stereo will not turn on unless i pull the radio fuse and put it back in. Now when i do have power i can go all day starting and turning off the nitro and have no problems with the stereo. I was thinking about running my own power wires to it but thought someone on here might know what my problem is. Any input would be greatly appreciated, because i am stumped on this one.
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Isn't there a TSB about "Radio Cut Out"? Now I know this deals with the factory radio, but could it be possible that the TSB needs to be performed first, then try the aftermarket radio again? I mean, I had the CHT03 harness first, and it blew out the PCM in my nitro, and I had to have a new computer installed. I worked with Metra on this too, and they said I should be using the XSVI-622 harness, although I explained that members (LilSalmon) of this forum were using it without problems, and they sent me a new XSVI-622 harness. But that harness doesn't work well with my Avic-D3 as far as the VSS was concerned and routing is off. So I had Metra send me a new CHT03 (no charge) which I haven't installed it yet. I'm still using the XSVI-622, and my radio powers off and on every now and then which is VERY ANNOYING. I have a since ordered and received a new harness made by PAC-Audio (shout out to Nitro Tech), and will have that installed next week sometime if work permits it. But I was thinking the TSB for the "Radio Cut Out" may have something to do with correcting the problem. Pioneer techs told me it could be a loose power wire or wire somewhere. When I take my Nitro to have the PAC installed, I'm going to tell the installer to triple check all the wiring he did previously. Again, VERY ANNOYING.:mad:

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