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Still a little confused about the 4 wheel drive setup

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Ok, I understand the ESP and that it uses a BATCH (break assisted traction control) and I understand what that is and I understand that the nitro only has 4 wheel hi and open diifferentials - not limited slip and certainly not locking diffs...BUT, let's say, I cut off the ESP,

are all four wheels turning at once or just 1 in the front and 1 in the rear?

Thanks for putting up with my curiosity.

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Darth, you can't completely cut off the ESP system using the dash switch. If you were able to disable the ESP completely, you would have a vehicle with front and rear open differentials and at best one wheel driving in the front and one wheel driving in the rear, with the 4WD selector switch set to 4H. With it set to 2H, you would have 1 wheel driving the vehicle in the rear.
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