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2008 Nitro R/T
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As a newbie to the forum and a new owner to a Nitro R/T-08 I thought a post to the forum would be a proper way to get involved.
I have scanned the forums for a solution to the following issue but haven´t been able to find one so far.
Any help would be appreciated!
Just bought the car a few weeks ago and after flooring the accelerator the other day the throttle got stuck and
it kept on going until I put it in Neutral, quite scary stuff! The revs slowed down and I could put it in Drive and had no issues.
Checked the floor mat but that wasn´t the issue so it seems that the problem is related to something else.
I have read that a few others on this forums have hade the exact same problems and it would be great if someone knows what the solution is. I will take it to a garage/dealership to sort it out, hopefully, but it would be great if someone knows why this is happening, also strange that Dodge haven´t issued this as a recall.
All help is greatly appreciated!
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