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Alright guys im having some trouble figuring this out. I have 2 kicker L7s in the back of the nitro and im hitting 148 db's soon to be a couple more. BUT, the back wiper is banging like a monster on the glass and i was told i cant fix it. Also, the back inner trunk is also rattling like crazy and was wondering if anyone thinks dynamat will kill the rattle on the inside plastic also?? what are some possibilities for the wiper ? thankssss.
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Dynamat the inner truck deck. Make sure you do the plastic trim piece facing the interior also. You probably need to add weight to the wiper somehow without killing its performance to actually wipe.
Trunk rattle

I like above sugg, I would just add instead of using a weight for wiper. I would change the spring on the wiper so that it wont jump as much.

Ps: I hope there is good sound dynamics in the nitro cause I want to
put a stereo in mine also when it comes in that is.
Hello joeweeaie. I think the most logical solution to your vibration problem would be to TURN IT DOWN!!!!! Just kidding. I have heard many cars and trucks go by with the license plate bouncing on the mount. I know that is very anoying. However since I don't turn mine up that much anymore, I will leave it to the younger crowd to come up with the solutions. Enjoy the site. David
thats stupid to have something that loud. In anycase its the spl thats making the window jump hence the jumping wiper arm. There is no fix unless you dont want a rear window.
thats not your problem to call my music stupid BUTTTT thats fine. thanks for the info...yea MTL the sound is amazing except for the back trunk rattling a lot because of the plastic and closeness to the box. Other then that the INTERIOR sound is SICKKKK. you can barely hear it outside which is good because here in Miami,FL you get ripped for that but when you enter the car get ready for an EXPLOSION.
I dident call your music stupid, i said its stupid to have it that loud. The box is 5 feet away from you aren you concerned about your hearing?
i understand that, but i dont have the music blowing my ears all day. when i watch movies and stuff i turn them off but then when im in the mood i just crank it up and enjoy. thanks for your concern about my ears but i dont constantly have my music on blast wanting to kill myself. its like being in a club down here in miami, your gonna get 120-130 dbs without a doubt depending on what dj is there.h
Here are some fixes to your problems.
1. If your license plate rattles the easiest way to fix it is to use some RV adhesive foam it's like 1/4in thick apply to the back of the plate and screw it back on this is how I fixed this in other vehicles.
2. As far as the back hatch if you can remove some of the plastic it would be interesting to see if there’s dead space there. Any dead space is going to increase the rattles. For this there are a couple of options first try to dynamat any flat metal surfaces that don't interfere with reattaching the plastic. Other options are use a expandable foam although be extremely careful with how much you use, because it can easily expand to much causing damage to the sheet metal. In my old car I actually used dynamat hood liner it worked very well, I just cut pieces and put them where I could, to fill the empty voids.
3. As far as wiper not sure on that one. You could try facing your subwoofers up towards the headliner, that way there wouldn't as much pressure on the window. I did this in a Focus ZX3 and actually noticed better SPL readings than when I had them faced to the rear.
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thanks rogue. last night before i saw your post i thought of the same things. i bought 5 sheets of 1x2 foot damping material and used it on alllll the sheet metal i could find that looked flimsy. then i put a piece behind my license plate and finished that off. i still have 2 full sheets left and will just place it everywhere possible. i hear a substantial difference inside and out of the car. does anyone thing that placing dynamat sheet AROUND the wiper motor will hurt it somehow?? i want to give it a shot because thats the only thing rattling in my truck. its more of the wiper blade then anything else but when u hold down the base it stops completely.
Dynamat around the wiper motor is good. No problems doing that.
*****Old Fart Alert*****
My .02. Don't worry too much about your hearing. It's prolly already damaged. You may not realize it for 10-20 years, but you will. I'm not trying to be a smart arse, but just another voice from someone who knows.
20 years ago, I used to compete in the 0-100 watt category. I would often get to the 130-135 db range. I now have greater than 75% loss in certain ranges with my hearing. Your hittin' 148? Dang!!! Its amazing you can still hear anything.
Trust me, turn it down a tad. Unless you like the looks of hearing aids.
thanks bam bam for the insight. i try not to blow it up 24/7 because that will definately hurt me in the long run but sometimes i just have to for a couple for the rattling, i have come to a conclusion that after hitting 148dbs so far without maxing out yet, there is positively no solution to stop the rattle COMPLETELY. its impossible. i have dynamated every centimeter and still the wiper, back window, sides, taillights, exhaust, EVERYTHING rattles. i guess its just unstoppable. if anyone has something to help i would like to hear about it. but thanks for the replies.
rubberized under coating spray

hey hows it going i was just thinkin of what u could use try spraying the your panels with a rubberized under coating.
i thought about that also but then the after effects. what if it gets screwed up by the spray and have to buy all new parts etc....i dont know. but thanks for the thoughts, i will put a sound clip when i learn how and maybe a link to youtube to show you guys what im talking about...
I too have recently discovered how much rattling I have going on. I have 28" enclosure with (2) JL 10" Subs, I did notice less rattle with the box facing upward but that of course takes up more valuable SUV cargo

I originally thought it was all coming from the license plate but it isnt, its something else, wiper, latch assembly/handle who knows
its that damned wiper blade. im fed up with it, i dream about it lol. for 140+ db's the cars sound is definetely better then i thought but that wiper BANGS like crazy. i cant do anything to stop it. i have dynamated EVERYTHING 2 and 3 times and yet to fix it. i dont want to spray foam because thats a mess. i just want a quick fix without taking off my blade. im gonna try dynamating the blade itself tomm. and the mechanical piece and i will see. i have 0 trunk space with my super bass probox but what does a 20 yr old need with the trunk......if u have any ideas let me know...
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