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Sunroof channel clogged

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Had a lovely pulled in floorboard on passenger side when I left work today. In the past I have used compressed air to clear the clog. Don't think it has worked. Looking for suggestions to clear a sunroof channel clog.
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Sorry I did not proof read for autocorrect... I had a puddle in my floorboard after a big rain storm.
I’ve had success with the tips mentioned on this site regarding the sunroof drains. What I have found helpful is to park on a incline. That way I can do the two sets of drains at a time and know for certain if it is draining or not. I then move the Nitro and do the other side. You cannot see the rear drains from the sunroof but they are there. I use compressed air on a low setting and a stiff piece of uncut weed eater cord. What I have found to clog the drains on both my Nitro and on my sons 2007 Jeep GC is mud on the front driver side drain. I cleared mine in 2020 and his 2022 and it’s been clear and dry since.
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