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SUNROOF Problems - Try this!!

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If you are experiencing problems with the sunroof not closing completely or stopping, try this relearn procedure:

1. Press and hold the sunroof close switch until the sunroof stops at the closed position.
2. Release sunroof switch.
3. Press and hold sunroof close switch once again for at least 10 seconds. After 10 seconds of pressing the close switch the sunroof glass will automatically move into the vent position and stop.
4. Release sunroof switch.
5. Within five seconds of releasing the sunroof switch, press and hold the sunroof close switch again until the sunroof glass fully cycles and returns to the closed position.
6. Release sunroof switch. The sunroof will now operate normally.
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I have the same issue as J Patrick. My sunroof just stopped working and it's about a half inch open. No motor noise, nothing. I took it to a mechanic (not a dodge) mechanic, and they just shrugged at me.
first question is "Is there a way to manually close the sunroof so that it does not get rained in?"
and 2, "Does anyone know how to fix this?"
Thanks. I will try the battery thing. I checked the fuses and all other electrical and everything is fine. might just be the switch, but I have not yet tested the power to the switch wires. I will do that too.

thanks. hopefully the dealership I bought it from 3 months ago can figure it out and fix it.
thanks, I replaced the Sunroof fuse, no help. I am taking it to the dealership on Monday, let them deal with it.
thanks. it's at the dealership now, so they will figure it out. I will post what they tell me. In the mean time they gave me a 2016 Mini Cooper. youch. can't wait to get my Dodge back. :)
1 - 4 of 37 Posts
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