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System Maintence (Oil Change)

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Hi, I did a search on this topic and couldn't come across anything relevant. The issue I'm having is that I got a notice on the Nitro's computer display saying I needed an oil change. So I had an oil change done pretty much right away. Now I can't seem to get the notice to disappear. I checked through the manual to see if there was a way to reset it but couldn't seem to find anything there either. Hopefully someone knows the way to reset this reminder, or at least tell me if its something worth taking in to the dealer about. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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I don't know about the Nitro but on my truck you turn the ignition to on (not start) - step on the gas three times - and the light will flash letting you know it's done. I guess the dealer has always done mine. I am sure somebody here changes their own oil but you might give it a shot until you hear different.
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