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I have a 2008 3.7L V6 in silver. So I took off my front bumper after I lifted it and put tires on it so it would look more aggressive and just incase I hit it on rocks on the trail. This means I had to take off the plastic liner under the fenders and the plastic side trim below the doors. Recently one of my fenders broke off because they are loose after taking off the bumper which held them in place. Instead of putting it back on I was thinking about taking off the other one cuz I kind of like the way it looks without them on. My main problem is that there is a gap under the fenders that has some sort of insulation in it. After I took off the plastic liner I used tape to stop mud from getting in there and the fender stopped wind from going in. But now if I take the fender off it will be open.

So my main question is has anyone taken them off? And if so how did you deal with that gap? I was thinking maybe welding a piece over it to cover it for good
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