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Tall Nitro Drivers

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Hey all you tall guys. Do you find the seatbelt falls off your shoulder too easily when driving. I would have liked to see the seatbelt adjuster on the 'b' pillar maybe 2" higher to give a snugger fit.
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I'm 6' 1" and I know there are taller drivers than me.
Tall? We got tall...

My older boy is about 6'3", and has no problems with legroom, headroom or seatbelt discomfort in my nitro. He fits well with plenty of room in our Smart Car, and has never rapped his head on the roof getting in the Nitro. I am a bit over 5'11" and there is more room than I care to mention in the Nitro.

Greg Paschak
I must have odd shaped shoulders then...:eek:
Probably all the Soccer / Rugby and biking ;)
Rugby is played with odd shaped ***** not
Hey don't forget about tall ladies! I may not be as tall as the guys at 5'10" (and shrinking lol!) but.... Also us ladies sometimes have other issues with how the seatbelt lines up. I do wish there was an adjuster to my seatbelt.

How could I forget to include our wonderful lady members? Sorry girls...;)
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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