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Testing the water first

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Hi to all you Nitro riders:beerchug:
I'm just checking things out here. I was in the Dodge dealer this week to check out the new Avenger RT and sat in a Nitro RT. The Avenger just did'nt grab me, the interior felt and looked cheap. My first impression of the Nitro was much better, it looked great and felt great. I have been admiring them on the road and now am thinking it may be my next ride. See, I've always liked sporty cars and our other vehicle is a Durango(we need to tow camper)so this is a leap for my everyday driver. So, I guess my biggest concern is (after reading many posts here) a rough ride and poor cornering ability:i_rolleyes: .
I've driven my in laws Liberty and man it's bumpy!
I hope to get in a test drive soon, my lease is up soon on my c-class sport kompressor.
Anyone here test drive an Avenger RT, should I even bother? I really love the bold look of the Nitro:cool:
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Welcome to the site, Have not driven an Avenger R/T, But jump on in the NITRO water is just fine . Several owners have said on the forum that the NITRO ride is much better than the Liberty's.:beerchug:
Like I always say...Go BOLD or go home! Welcome to the forum. I hope this site will help you decide that the Nitro is the ONLY way to go!
My wife drives a Liberty, and I think the ride of the Nitro is much nicer. Plus, it's a longer so there is more space than the Liberty.
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