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Hello, I just joined as I had my first test drive of a nitro last weekend.

I liked the car. I had been looking at the Element and the Vue, but:
Nitro has 6-speed manual -- I don't like automatics -- Honda only has 5, and it's not enough
Nitro seats 5
Nitro has V6 -- and EPA MPG is within spitting distance of the E
I enjoyed driving the Nitro at least as much as the E, and much more than the Vue.

As you can tell, styling does not really enter into my decision matrix :)

I noticed the gas mileage quesiton, which, interestingly enough, also pervades the Element forum.

For those who post mileage, could you also post:
- manual or auto
- tire type
- 3.7 or 4L
- 2 or 4WD

Thanks, this forum has already been pretty useful for information.


I have about 1500km on my Nitro and I am getting around 21 MPG with observing the speed limit and easing away from stops etc. I am not that impressed with the milage at all. BTW we have 4.546 liters to the gallon here.... so the US MPG would be lower.... "more gallons to go the ame diatance..." I am assuming cold weather is major factor and the fact is quite new..

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manual vs. automatic

Noone on this forum has introduced themselves w/ having a manual transmission yet...And all nitros out now are 3.7L
Interesting ... here in New Mexico they tell me the manuals are flying off the lot -- people really want the manual, and they keep running out.

Anyway, if I get one, it will be a manual. It's a real nice manual, BTW -- it's german-made, as it turns out. Nice fun drive.
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