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Well to quote someone "what a wild ride it's been"

About 2 weeks ago I went into one of the local dealers and got what I thought to be a decent price with E/P for a Inferno Red Nitro R/T with the (28L) package, two tone seats, remote start, full size spare. The only kicker is that it wasn't due to be built until sometime around mid April. Left the dealer with my name on it and hoping to hear something sooner.

Well not leaving well enough alone :loser1: . I went to another local dealer who didn't have what I wanted on the lot. Said that they could get one in another part of the state and the price was gonna be about the same with a few more items and they could have it within the week. I layed down a $1000 beans for a deposit and waited by the phone for what I thought would be an easy thing. Got the call a day later "sorry that one has been sold," :mad: "We found a similiar one for about $500 more in our state and another without remote start for less $$$ in another state". With the cost to add remote start I was still looking at alittle less then anything so far. Sounded good enough. I told them to go ahead get that one. Well another day later " Ooops that one doesn't have California emissions can't sell it in our state". We'll look around for something else. Heard absolutely nothing from the second dealer for the entire last week (well until I called them and said I want my deposit back.)

While sitting around in a depressive snowy no spring in the air mood yesterday I got a call from the first dealer telling me "my car was in come on down and see it". Long and short I should be getting my R/T tomorrow evening!:Banana01:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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