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The longest 8-10 weeks of my life...

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Hi all,

New to the forum... have been browsing it for a couple of weeks (and even posted once... just once) before properly introducing myself here.

I finally dropped in and ordered a Black SXT 6-speed... Believe it or not, these are difficult to come by in Oregon right now. So, we ordered it up from the factory, and I'm now going to play the waiting game.

If anyone from Dodge is reading this... a couple thoughts:

1. Why can't you get a 6-speed on the SLT? It's the same engine.
2. Why can't you get MyGig on the SXT? It fits the same hole, and if I wanted to pay for the upgrade, can't think of a reason why you wouldn't want my money. (Same goes for U-Connect).

6-Speed won the battle... I'll end up tricking out the SXT with an aftermarket headunit and bluetooth connection kit.

Look forward to being a part of the nitro family!! Will post up some pics in a couple months. :D -mthoodnitro
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mthoodnitro. Were you wanting a monochrome paint scheme like the SLT?

In other words, no grey plastic fenders??? Please read this thread by HuffDaddy.

If you have just ordered, you should be able to get a solid black SXT that looks like a SLT on the outside for about $200.00 more.

Don't know if this is what you were referring to wanting an SLT with a 6-speed, or if it was the MYGIG only being available on the SLT, or the combination thereof. Just trying to help out.
Welcome to the site, the paint scheme would be cool ,everything else you can DIY.:pepper:
Mostly the MyGig

At first it was the color bumpers... and found that I could order the 'SXT Appearance Group' to get them... But then backed out on it. Lot's of rock is put down in the winter for traction on the mountain passes here by the Dept. of Transportation... and I think the plastic bumpers will stand up to the abuse better.

So, I guess it was the MyGig option. But after seeing some of the mods people are doing now, I'm less concerned with it.

Very stoked with my choice to go with the 6-speed... can't wait to get my hands on it!

Thanks for the input guys... much appreciated.
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