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The Value of this Forum

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Last week I took my Nitro in for my first warranty work.

I brought it in for 2 items:
1. Bad Parking Brake
2. Roof rack rattle

I attached a note about telling them about these 2 items as known issues.

I also attached a copy of the TSB (thanks Waldorf) about the roof rattle.

When the dealer was finished with my Nitro, the service manager said, "everything was fixed easily based on what you told us. You knew exactly what we needed to do. I wish all customers were like you"

If you are armed with the knowledge of this forum, you will have a better dealer experience.

For this reason, I plan to upgrade to a paid site supporter status as soon as I can figure out how to do it with a credit card instead of paypal.

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I'm glad the information and resourses here helped you with your dealer. I need to take my Nitro in for the 10K maintenance visit and will be doing the same thing about the roof rattle.

Yes, please do investigate becoming a site supporter! Your best best if you want to use a credit card, is to PM pe0n directly, and tell him what you want to do.
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