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The worst customer service!

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Now you all know I love the Nitro. But I have to say Dodge has the worst customer service both online and by phone. The reps aren't knowledgeable nor helpful & refuse to look into anything and call you back. They're border line rude.
This was my big question that no one in the entire DaimlerChrysler organization can answer.

What is the offset on the Dodge Nitro 20" factory wheels... and will they bolt right up on my SXT.

Their answer (on three different attempts).
(1)We don't have that information and cannot get it for you or tell you where to find it.
(2) The wheels & tires on your Nitro were specifically picked for that vehical and should not be changed.
(3) Why don't you go some place and have them measured.

Can anyone HELP!!!
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Sorry top gun these types of questions are not answered by Factory Reps, and yes they really don't know and may never. I worked in the Automotive Business as a Parts Manger for 10 years, and can tell you to forget them on this issue. Now if your wheel fell off, they are the ones!

You will have much better luck calling any custom wheel manufacturer. These specks may be "On-Line" at one of their Sites. They all know this info by now, and already are building or planning to make these wheels. Even an e-mail to them should get the reply to your question. They will also want to sell you their 20" custom wheels, but at least your questions will be answered. Good Luck!
Maybe I'm just spoiled. I've had dealings with a Ford (actually a Lincoln Mercury) dealer here in Columbus for over 20 years and those guys will go to the ends of the earth to make sure that their customer is satisfied. Example: I wanted this brand new black Mark 8 but wanted the chrome wheels off another new Mark 8. Bam... done. I had a transmission go out on vacation in Myrtle Beach and had to have it rebuilt somewhere other than a Lincoln dealer due to time restraints. When I got back home that transmission started acting funny. They not only put a new transmission in my car but also lobbied and got my money refunded from Ford on the other non-dealer rebuild.
I appreciate your response though. I have talked to some after market wheel places and so far all I've gotten is a range of offset that will fit... and that does me no good as far as do the R/T 20's cross over to the SXT. I was told that the 16's will not fit on the R/T. I'm guessing that may be a smaller wheel larger rotor/caliper issue... the bolt pattern is the same... who knows???
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Just walk onto the lot and measure the back spacing yourself. You could tell them that you bought one and you needed the size --or--wait until a Saturday early morn. and go for it...
Just walk onto the lot and measure the back spacing yourself. You could tell them that you bought one and you needed the size --or--wait until a Saturday early morn. and go for it...
You're right I could have done that. It was more the lack of knowledge & cooperation that bugged me. If I had wanted to spend time messing around at the Dealership my sales guy would have helped me... he was a good guy. These are things though that a call to the parts dept. should be able to take care of. Dodge seriously does not like people doing anything to their products. I've found they even string out their own dealers parts departments for answers sometimes. And if you ever want to get really pissed off call or go online for a customer service question on the Dodge website... LoL! Call Ford or Chevy and ask them if a stock wheel fits. They'll say yes or no. They won't make a treasure hunt out of it.
Bottom line is Dodge vehicles are unique and are for the most part priced right... and people who like Mopar and this forum (like you) are good & helpful.
Oh... and I did get my R/T 20's...
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