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anyways the answer to this thread question is, maybe
if the vehicle has the same engine, transmission, keyfob security system and around the same year, there s a good chance the engine would start and run but there could be a heap of things that need sorting out for the vehicle to function as it should, more expense programming,
the TIPM may look the same but could be totaly different on the inside, it could just go bang and burn up a few modules, wiring harneses etc, and due to the cost nobody want to take the risk, even when you buy a second hand TIPM you are never sure if it is a faulty unit,
pretty sure someone said that on later nitros ( 2010 on ) the CANBUS runs at a diffferent speed, but not 100% sure if its true
personaly i would put the old TIPM back in, starting at the starter motor and working my way back, keep fault finding untill i find the issue, from inserting the key too the engine starting there are plenty of things that need to happen, and there is a way to test pretty much everything, even if the TIPM is the cause at least you will be 100% sure, and with a bit of luck you can fix it or bypass the fault,
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