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Whats good I was wondering what size rims can I fit on 30” inch tires? Since I’ve seen that that size is the max without the rubbing and all, plus I’m also planning to buy spacers(no lift kit) and I’m cautious because I travel 3hrs to visit my family in MS. Would that be a problem for having spacers?

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You can go 30.5" diameter, and 9.5+-" wide tire with out rubbing on a stock rim.
However, wheel spacers will change how the front articulates when turning. The radius of the tire rotation when turning will be different. IE more exaggerated. See Pic in this thread.
So your tire diameter and width will have to compensate for the extra movement. IE you will have to go smaller tires.
A lot also depends on the rim you are looking at. Offset, backspace, and rim width all come into play.
Unfortunately there is no easy answer to your question...
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