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I usually hit my black walls with Westley's Bleche White before I coat them with Meguiars Endurance, It gets all the brown off! I might add that Mothers Power Ball does work well tho expensive for what it is, I had been lazy this summer and had been diligent with Nitro washing and waxing but not done much with the 93 Buick Only 19k or so on it ( my daughter had been working all summer and driving it ) so no wax since spring. I the week before I spent a day on it , Used Meguiars Deep Crystal cleaner and Gold class wax but when I got to the wheels it was so hard to get into the recesses I thought what the heck and got a mini Power ball and Mothers polish and it did a great job! Did the Nitro tonight and it was fast and easy My only complaint was that the Buick's wheels did tear a few small chunks off.
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