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To Clarify...Detailing?

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I am relatively new to the whole car thing, being only 17 years old, and I just wanted to clarify what a "detail" was. Many members have mentioned getting their Nitro "detailed"...I know Tammy gets hers done every week. What constitutes a "detail"? Is it professionally done, or can you do it yourself?
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OOOO Ok. Thanks for clarifying. Basically it is just really really cleaning the car good haha. Well I do that almost everytime I wash my Nitro! I almost always use some kind of wax or polish, I clean every inch of paint, plastic, etc, including in the door jams and under the fenders. Then I vacuum out the inside and clean all of the windows, and dust the dash. It usually takes me a few hours to get it how I want it.
Absolutely! They make quality products as well and are reasonably priced. I believe they and Mother's also offer forums as detailing. I know Mother's actually have their own guys answer questions I am a member there as well.
This is very interesting. I might have to take a look at their forums.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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