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To order, or not to order...

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There's a lot I like about the Nitro and I drove one this week. I didn't like the engine noise, my Jeep GC is a lot quieter, but I suppose I can get used to that. My concern is all of the problems listed here about the transmission/torque converter issues. If I were to order a fresh one now, what are the chances that those issues are history? I do not want a new vehicle with more problems than my old one! Should I wait for the '08s?
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What I'd suggest is to test drive it more than just around the block. Test drive the one you want. The one you intend on buying. Test for all of the things mentioned on the forum. If it passes them all, buy it!
Looks like I would have to order the one I want, with the equipment I want, in the color I want. I'm hoping that if it is just coming off the line that all improvements would be incorporated besides.
As our forum has grown, I've noticed that the newer folks joining up have more concerns about modding their trucks than problems with their trucks . I think it is safe to say that Dodge has been curing these problems on the assy. line as they have popped up.Seems even the continued problems are with the early production models. Go for it you won't be sorry.:pepper:
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