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Today is the day!

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After obsessing about the Nitro for months, today is finally the day I'll be able to call myself a Nitro owner!

I had actually resigned myself into waiting about 6 months or so, until I could get out of my current Chrysler lease without the high cost. I figured I would wait it out as long as possible. But last week, a client of my father's saw my car and remarked how much he liked it and my dad didn't miss a beat, knowing how badly I've been lusting after the Nitro, and asked him if he wanted it. He drove it that day and decided he would take over the lease at the end of the month.

It happened so quickly - I'm thrilled! I signed the lease transfer papers on Thursday and told my dealership (who has been nothing short of amazing and all accommodating) exactly what I wanted. Electric Blue, SLT, 8 Speakers, MyGig, Remote Start and 20" Wheels. I knew it was a long shot to find one, but I had spent the last few months researching everything I could and trying to locate one on my own. So I knew exactly which dealer had one and told my salesman. Turns out my "Dream" Nitro was in Calgary, about 6 hours away - just sitting there at the dealer, all perfect and ready for me.

I got a call this morning telling me my Nitro was here. I thought they were kidding - barely 2 business days! I get to pick it up this afternoon. Apparently if I'm not really happy with it (yeah right..) there are 14 people lined up ready to take it. Which doesn't surprise me. My lease man says it is amazing and he's already jealous.

Anyway - really long post. Just wanted to share my absolute thrill and excitement with everyone here. I've been a member of the forum for a little while, but now I'm really going to feel like a member of the club.

I will post pics as soon as I can.

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