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Torque Management and Nitro ECM

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Can someone explain exactly what "torque management" is as it applies to the ECM? Is this strictly a feature of Nitros with automatic transmisssions?

I have been told that torque management is more or less defueling between shifts to control the torque and power to be gentle on a stock tranny.

It does not feel like my 6-speed Nitro backs off any power when I put in the clutch.

This is likely a question for NitroTech.

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generally speaking yes I believe you are correct, the torque mgt system will cut power on shifts.

I wish chrysler would play ball with aftermarket companies or someone could crack their system like superchips or diablo has done for the Ford platform as v8 demon mentions. That is 1 thing I miss about my mustang.

I know the new 05+ gts are night and day before and after a tune. :smileup: I know on those the throttle body starts closing as you approach redline at WOT.
In stock trim in 1st and 2nd gears it WILL NOT give full throttle. It limits throttle to 85% in 1st; 90% in 2nd.

Before I went with the supercharger I added a tune and an intake. 30 HP.
Oh I know they respond well to mods. I still am in the stang scene due to alot of my friends having them (I sold mine and am waiting for a Challenger).

Lots of guys as you know making over 300rwhp with basic boltons. everyone I talk to says the same thing - intake and tune make it feel like a new car. :D
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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