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Total Taillight failure

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For the past few days, my 2007 dodge nitro r/t 4.0 has had an issue with the left turn signal rapid blinking and saying it was going out, upon inspection the the blinker bulb was much dimmer than the others, I have replaced the bulbs, but the issue persisted. The same day, the right brake light quit working completely so I replaced both of those bulbs as well. Afterwards, the left brake light was out, despite of it being a brand new bulb. Now, none of the bulbs in either taillight are responding whatsoever, brake, reverse, and blinkers are all out. The third brake light is still working though. What might be the cause of this, and what might be the fix?
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check the connectors on the rear bulb holders, they can get hot and melt,
get out your multi-meter and test the connections in the bulb socket for any power going to them
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