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Towing - I have class III hitch, what else do I need?

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I have a Nitro SLT 4X4 and am going to be towing my boat (2500 lbs with trailer) 400 miles and through some mildly steep inclines.
I have a mopar class III factory hitch and wiring which was added by the dealer when I bought it but I am wondering what else do I need?

The factory tow package is:

Class III hitch receiver and wiring
heavy duty engine cooling
power steering cooler
full size spare

Couple questions here -

1. I heard the SLT 4x4's already have the heavy duty cooling, true? If not is it just tranny cooler they add?
2. Do I really need the power steering cooler?

Thanks for the help
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I've asked myself about the power steering cooler too. No clue what the deal is there.
But Dodge doesn't list anything on my window sticker about a trans cooler, only those that you listed yourself.
My guess is you will be fine for a 2500 lb trailer. Maybe one of the forum techs can give you more specific details.
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