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Trailer Hitch and Bezel Install

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Install took about 2 1/5 hours from start to finish.

First cut out the hole drilling templet.

Tape the templet in the bezel groove.

Use an automatic center punch to mark the holes to be drilled.

Remove the templete and drill the holes with a 1/8" bit.

Cut slots between the holes with a NEW blade in your box cutter.

Scribe a line with dividers 1/4" in from the Bezel Groove.

Cut the scribed line with a NEW blade in your box cutter.

Insert the Bezel into the slots.

Bezel install is complete...Now go drink a quart of water, rest a while and then install the Hitch.

Jack up the hitch and line up the two most forward holes.

Start the two most forward bolts to hold the hitch in place.

Lift the rear of the hitch in place and Install all the rest of the bolts. Torque to 85 ft lbs.

Clean up your mess, step back and enjoy your completed Trailer Hitch and Bezel Install.

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Thanks alot for the write up & pics Doc. This is what I'll be doing tomorrow or Sunday,everythings out in the garage waiting for me. Just wondering, did you use the Dodge wiring or aftermarket? I got the Dodge wiring & just wondering if thats going to be a pain.
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