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Transmission Surging

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Hi Im haveing problems with my tranny.Around 35-40 mph the car seems to be surgingI have had it into the dealer twice and they reflashed the computer ,still the same,im hopeing for a permanant fix soon,Any ideals
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There is something in the works, it will be released soon. Wait until then. Are there any other symptoms you are experiencing with the operation of your transmission? They have been many complaints of a torque converter shudder, that is described as a a feeling like driving over rumble strips. Or a definite vibration isolated to speeds around 70-80km/h. Are you also experiencing this?
My tranny isnt shuttering .It just seems to surge,Its like it not sure if it should go into another gear or not,around 40 mph
What repairs have been performed to resolve the transmission problems you describe?
My R/T-2wd has a surge at 55mph with cruise engaged. When it started surging I downshifted to 4th with the selector and the surging did not stop. I upshifted to 5th then down again--surge still there. It is just like you are going up and down with your foot on the gas, but it is a mild surge.
This may not necessarily been the transmission causing your concern. The transmission problems associated with the 42RLE are caused by the torque converter and there are no shared parts with the NAG1 in the 4.0L R/T. Even though this may be a similar concern the symptoms the 42RLE experiences cannot be applied to the NAG1 for diagnosis. :smileup:
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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