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Transmission Surging

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Hi Im haveing problems with my tranny.Around 35-40 mph the car seems to be surgingI have had it into the dealer twice and they reflashed the computer ,still the same,im hopeing for a permanant fix soon,Any ideals
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My tranny isnt shuttering .It just seems to surge,Its like it not sure if it should go into another gear or not,around 40 mph
we still love our nitro,fits us to a tee
For my transmission surging,the dealer reflasehed the computer but it isnt taking care of the problem
Hi the surging certanly is there problem .Im hopeing they will have a fix soon.Maybe a new torgue converter.What ever it takes i want it fixed .Mine almost seems to have a miss in the engine it surges that bad.Ive had all the updates with no success so far.But i wouldnt drive anything else.Id rather drive it surging than drive any foreign car
Hi Nitro Tech.This may sound silly ,but since the cold weather is here ,my Nitro dosent seem to surge has bad,Does that make sense.Thanks for your help
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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