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Trim Panel Removal and Cigarette Lighter.

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My R/T came with the smokers group which has the cigarette lighter instead of the cap that covers it. I asked the dealer to throw in the cap since I don't smoke. I need to remove the main silver trim panel around the radio and climate controls.

Has anyone removed this yet and if so what is the best way to remove it? I assume its in with pressure clips... so i was hoping to find out what the best place to pull it out from is as not to scratch or dent the trim panel.

Thanks in advance.

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Lil", Nitrolarry posted a pic of the panel & how to remove it. I think its in this section not sure ,a search should bring it up.
Did some exhausting searching and can't find anything.
Thanks NitroLarry. I appreciate it...
Larry comes through again , knew it was there somewhere.:ura1:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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