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Trouble with Trailer Hitch

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Hi All,
Quick question- I have a MOPAR Trailer Hitch and a 2007 Nitro… Hitch is currently installed and works fine but goes over the spare tyre cavity. Just wondering if it would be safe to move the hitch forward and only use 4 of the 6 bolts provided so the spare fits again? Any help much appreciated!
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as a general rule the Liberty KK hitch does not fit the Nitro without making some mods, the chassis of the Liberty and Nitro are slightly different, the fact that your hitch as been made to fit both the KA and the KK is where the problem lies,
another forum member "metaldog" i think, bought a secondhand Liberty hitch and came across several issues when installing it,

depends on how much you need to move it back, there looks like there is room to drill 3 new holes on each side, or maybe take it to a welder and ask them to extend it slightly should be fairly easy,

but to be on the safe side i would not move it forward and leave out the 2 rear bolts,
1 - 1 of 6 Posts