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Trouble with Trailer Hitch

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Hi All,
Quick question- I have a MOPAR Trailer Hitch and a 2007 Nitro… Hitch is currently installed and works fine but goes over the spare tyre cavity. Just wondering if it would be safe to move the hitch forward and only use 4 of the 6 bolts provided so the spare fits again? Any help much appreciated!
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Odd. The factory hitch is supposed to fit a full size spare.
The part number I have for the receiver is 82210266.
Also odd is that the hitch label on yours says it's for both the Dodge Nitro (KA) and the Jeep Liberty (KK) (branded as Jeep Cherokee outside the US). AFAIK, the JL and Nitro had different part numbers for the receiver due to some minor differences...? Maybe not?
Yeah it’s weird. Originally I deflated the spare and was able to squeeze it up there with a lot of effort and help with a crow bar but it would always protrude. If I bring it forward and just don’t use the 2 front bolts, it would fit as I very rarely tow anything, Just want to make sure it’s safe enough…
1 - 2 of 6 Posts