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Truck Accessory Outlet nerf bar?

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Has anyone came across this mob before (Truck Accessory Outlet) and know whether their nerf bar/running board is any good?

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hey ozTim, I look at things a little differently being a girl....I looked at the feedback area of the seller and in the last month he has had 7 negatives and in 6 months it is 33, if you look below that a bit you will see that he has 153 ratings mutually withdrawn, which means they were prob'ly were not gonna be positive and he made the problem right if the buyer would remove the negative feedback. it looks like the shipping is not satisfactory as well as communications. I wouldn't purchase from someone who had an issue communicating, but that is just me. better safe than sorry, his may be cheaper for a reason. good luck. I did not answer your question, but I hope I helped.
Thanks for giving me a different perspective :smileup: Females - ever so practical and objective (except when buying shoes and handbags) :chuckle:
have you been talking to my husband about my shoe and handbag problem? my motto is if the shoe fits....but it in EVERY
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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