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NUMBER: 08-002-07
GROUP: Electrical
DATE: February 6, 2007


NAV Radio Video Disable


2007 (JK) Wrangler

2007 (JS) Sebring

2007 (KA) Nitro

NOTE: This Bulletin applies to vehicles equipped with “My Gig” Navigation Radio.
(Sales code RER)

NOTE: Refer to Warranty Bulletin **D-07-04** for additional information and a listing
of affected states.


Due to certain state regulations, a function for disabling the front seat video option has
been incorporated into the vehicle. This function will enable or disable the radios ability to
play video in the front seat. If enabled, the radio will only play video when the vehicle is in
Park (Automatic Transmission) or when the parking brake is set and vehicle speed is zero
(Manual Transmission). If disabled the radio will NOT play video in the front seat in any
operating mode. If it becomes necessary to disable the front seat video option, use the
following procedure.

NOTE: When performing this Procedure, the software release level in the

StarSCAN®; must be programmed with 7.03 level software or higher. The

software release level is visible in the blue header at the top of the

StarSCAN® screen.

1. Connect the StarSCAN®.
2. From the Home Screen, enter “ECU View”.
3. Select “Radio”.
4. Select “Misc. Functions”.
5. Select “Enable/Disable Front Seat Video”.
6. Select “Enable” or “Disable” as desired.
7. Select finish to exit.

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