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NUMBER: 08-046-06
GROUP: Electrical
DATE: October 25, 2006

SUBJECT: Cell Phone Induced Buzz Or Clicking-Like Sound In Radio Speakers


This bulletin involves a discussion regarding cell phone generated signal interference with
the vehicle radio system.

2004 (AN) Dakota
2004 -2007 (DR/DH/D1/DC) Ram Truck
2004 -2007 (HB/HG) Durango / Aspen
2007 (JK) Wrangler
2007 (KA) Nitro
2004 -2007 (KJ) Liberty
2005 -2007 (ND) Dakota
2004 -2006 (TJ) Wrangler
2005 -2007 (WK/WH) Grand Cherokee
2006 -2007 (XK/XH) Commander


A customer may experience a buzzing or clicking-like sound coming from the vehicle radio
speaker(s). The sound may be heard when the radio is in AM or FM mode. The
clicking-like sound may sound like Morse code.


The hardware construction of certain cell phones may generate frequencies that can
interfere with the vehicle radio system. These frequencies may result in buzzing and/or
clicking-like sounds in the vehicle radio. GSM type cell phones are more prone to cause
this possible interference condition, though other type cell phones may cause similar
buzzing and/or clicking-like sounds.

This condition can be easily corrected by instructing the customer to move their cell phone
away from the immediate area around vehicle radio system (radio, radio amplifier,
antenna, antenna lead). DO NOT replace any radio system component in an attempt to
address this condition.

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