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Hi all. Complete newbie here, but proud 2007 Nitro owner. Getting in fully wrapped with my band's graphics on it.

Problem. I have the very annoying problem with my roof rails lifting and fluttering in the wind Very noisy.

Called my dealer here in town and they said this TSB is only good for 3 yrs or 60,000kms.

Anyone know if that's true?

real bummer. Vehicle is quiet as heck, other than that noise at higway speeds.

thanks much!

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Welcome to the forum findingcorenitro. :wave:
The TSP is listed in the sticky threads at the top of this forum.
The TSB does not expire, however it is not free to have done after your warranty is expired.
TSB 23-038-06 Subject: Front Of Roof Rack Lifting From Roof
If you look at the last post in the above thread, you will find a link to another, very long thread about this issue, including the new part #'s for the redesigned rails.
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