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I'm all about modifications.
For example my headlights have been modified with HID projectors and LED pods for high beams and the inside has been blacked out a bit as well as smoking/tinting the relfector side markers on my headlights. And a few other mods other than headlights.
Since i purchased a new set of headlights (i have a reason for purchasing a new set) i still have yet to modify them :\
Their's a Nitro member (not sure if he is on the forum) over seas, if i'm not mistaking he's from Japan.
He modified his turn signals similar to how i want to do mine.
I'm here to ask how i can use the switchback LED strip/bar and make it a clean look like the headlight turn signal in the top of the picture proided below. The owner used a couple small switchback LED's and it looks REALLY clean and professional like. (I've tried to ask him personally but i don't believe he understood what i was asking)
Anyone know how i can modify my headlight turn signals with the switchback LED strip/bar and have the same clean look?
(FYI he's is rolling on 28's, air ride, and custom wide body kit)


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