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Turn signal out

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Hello, new member here. Have had my nitro for about a year now, best car I’ve owned really a good drive!
Today was driving around and turned my left signal on and my dash indicated that my left turn signal indicator was out. Checked fuses, found out it doesn’t have a fuse. Would this be a computer problem or replacing bulb? Also heard problems with a ground wire. Thanks in advance!
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Hi there,

first thing obviously is try a new bulb, and have a general inspection of the bulb connections and wiring connectors (where possible),

if its the front then most common issue is the ground wire has broken somewhere in the harness (strange but true), you could run a new temporary ground wire from the battery to the bulb to confirm it's a ground wire issue ,

if it's the rear then most common issue is the bulb holder, either the bulb holder connector or the bulb contacts are dirty, corroded or burnt,
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