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Add your nitro to your "garage" by entering your vin number. Then you can click on the "vehicle equipment" link and see how it was equipped from the factory.

On mine, on the "Standard" page it says "Radio 130" which is the simply the RES 130 head unit. Has all the buttons but no u-connect or bluetooth modules installed so it says "unavailable" just like yours when I push them. You can add the modules separately, or upgrade the head unit.

FYI, the site does not always work well with the chrome browser, I use firefox to access it.

134 Posts
There is a confusing array of combinations of head unit names.

Just a few are:


430 430N
730 730N

They changed throughout the model years.

RES can use an external Uconnect module, no navigation
RER has built-in Uconnect module and navigation
RHB used an external Uconnect module (optional), has navigation
RHR has built-in Uconnect, has navigation
RBZ used an external Uconnect, no navigation

If you want to be able to stream bluetooth, then you need a 2011+ RHR unit. Prior years, even with bluetooth, could not do streaming.

RER units were offered from 2007-2011 MYs, but changed a lot.
RER 730N had Navteq maps by Harman Becker
2007 - 20GB Hitachi hdd
2008 - 30GB Samsung hdd
2009 - iPod integration added
2010 - only updates
2011 - RER phased out
all RER have built-in UConnect, bluetooth, SiriusXM

RHR 730N - replaced the RER 730N Navtech by Harman Becker, not sure the new map source
2011 - 30GB Samsung hdd, 2x rear USB
2012 - only 1x rear USB
2012-2013 - 40GB Hitachi hdd, needs antitheft code in donor vehicle
all RHR have built-in UConnect, A2DP (streaming bluetooth), SiriusXM

Some of the variations have to do with geographic regions:
(even w/o nav):
REN 430 - for NA
REZ 430 - for outside NA
RBZ 430 - for NA
RB2 430 - for outside NA

with nav:
RER 730N - NA maps
REW 730N - Europe maps
REP 730N - S. Africa maps

RHB 430N - NA maps by Garmin, available with and w/o Sirius

RHR 730N - NA maps
RHW 730N - Europe maps
RHP 730N - other world maps
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