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Uconnect Issues

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Having some issues with my UConnect.........Paired my phone w/ no problem, phone is able to connect w/ UConnect.(Have a Motorolla Razr through Verizon). I am able to make a call, but when I try to end call the touch screen keeps flashing "Connecting...... I end up having to turn my phone off to stop this. Also I am also supposed to be able to download my phone's contact list through OBEX and cannot do that either.......From what I have read my phone's software version ishould be able to do this. Any suggestions??
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i have the motorola w430 which is basicallly the same a the Razr
i have not had any problems disconnecting
if the other person hangs up it automatically disconnects and goes back to the radio or i can disconnect by pushing the U-connect button

not sure how to D/Lthe phones contact list, i'm not a big phone person so i just added my contacts manually one day when i was messing with the MyGig

you may want to try paring your phone again as maybe something didnt pair correctly
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