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Uconnect Phone Connect

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I can't seem to get my phone to pair w/ Uconnect all of the time. They don't seem to be speaking. Can anyone help with this.

I've done the pairing procedure, and it does find it, but it has never automatically connected to my phone, once I get in my hot ride, like it says it should in the manual.

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Have you tried the phone's bluetooth thru anything else (like an earpiece). Or your local cell phone place can check it out. That way u can quickly figure out if it's the phone. Once mine was paired, it has always connected. It even sees the phone left inside my house when I'm in my garage!
Try setting the phone so that the Uconnect is a "trusted device", then it should always auto connect after you've left the Nitro. :cool:

It does work with my headsets.

I have a Motorola Q, how do you make it a trusted device?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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