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Due to the rapid growth of the [URL=""][URL=""][URL=""][/URL][/URL][/URL] network, we are now implementing a few new business rules for vendors. They are as follows.

Payment is made in one of 3 ways. (Paypal Preferred Always)
  1. Standard Recurring Paypal Subscriptions - purchased from our payments page.
  2. Credit Card - will be billed without notification. (Recurring) - You must give notification in the event you wish to cancel your vendorship on this network prior to the renewal date or the card will be billed as normal on the renewal date.
  3. Invoice/Check - Only available for annual payments. (Not preferred).

In any instance, all vendors are now subject to a late fee of $50 if there is ever an issue with payment. So make certain your paypal account is properly funded. If you are paying with a pre-paid credit card, make sure it is funded. If your credit card is about to expire, contact me with a new one! It is your responsibility to handle these matters with the utmost diligence!

Accounts will be held open for no longer than 7 days if payment fails to clear. Within those 7 days you have to make the late fee payment, and the regular vendor fee payment to ensure your vendor forum is not taken off line.

If that does not occur within 7 days of your due date, your vendor forum will be taken off line. A $125 fee will be charged in order to bring your account back up in addition to the $50 late fee plus your regular vendor fee. So it would behoove you to ensure you handle your account here professionally.

Annual Payments are also subject to these charges.

Should you fail to renew, your forum will be hidden, and maintained in its original state for no longer than 6 months. During that time, you have the option to pay the $125 restoration fee, the $50 Late fee, and your past due vendor payment to become a live vendor on our network again.

If that does not occur within 6 months, your vendor forum and all posts will be deleted.

Note: Should your account become inactive for any reason all sales and contact with members must stop. If you are found to be continuing sales in any form via our sites after your vendorship has expired, you will then be banned without the option to renew.

Q: Why are we so serious about this?
A: Because we are the real deal! This is a business and has always been handled professionally, and with the utmost care. For year 2009, in excess of $37,500 was spent advertising this network to ensure our advertisers have a constant flow of new members and guests to sell their products to.

Tips and Guidelines For Vendors

Here is a list of suggestions for our Vendors to help maximize your exposure, and success on our network.
  1. Platinum Vendors are able to request "important" sales threads be highlighted in the "Vendor News" area at the top of the forum. Threads that are included there will receive up to 1000% more views than threads that are not highlighted in the Vendor News area. It is up to you to PM me with your request. You must supply a link to a small image that is hosted on your server to go with your Vendor News Item. (150x150 max please.)
  2. Track your stats! As Vendors, you should track our referral statistics via your own web server stats to see how many visits we are sending you! This is by far, the more reliable method. If you don't know how to log into your server stats, call your web host and they will explain it to you.
  3. Participate in the forum! Answering member questions outside of your own forum, and general participation will earn you a lot of respect from the membership. People want to do business with Vendors who are knowledgeable, and helpful to them. The more you participate, the more respect you will earn from the membership. If you are the owner of the business, and don't have time to hit the forums. Find an employee to do it for you!
  4. Have an active Vendor Forum! If you become a Vendor, and only post one thread then disappear for a while, you are doomed to fail. Keep your Vendor Forum busy!
  5. Try to have open communication with other vendors on the forum. Try not to post competing sales at the same time. Sometimes this is unavoidable, but still a good practice. That is why the Private Vendor Forum is here.
  1. The "Supporting Vendor Forum - is for GOLD Vendors who do not get their own forum. Please keep your own sales threads within your own vendor forum. This prevents duplicate threads, and prevents members having to follow more than one thread about the exact same sale or product.
  2. While I don't want to limit your sales, or how many product sales you have, please keep the number of posts or new threads to a reasonable level. I am willing to bend over backwards to help any one of our vendors but trying to swamp the forum with sales to bury the competition is not allowed.
  3. You are paying me to help you sell your products. This is my business. Selling products is your business. Therefore it is essential that you all maintain fair business practices. There is nothing wrong with competition. Those of you who participate on the forum, and help the members will have more success on our network than those who don't. But unfair vendor practices upsets other vendors and causes ME to lose business. I can't have that, and therefore you will be held to these guidelines.
  4. Do not ever link competing forums from your sales posts or threads. If you have product info to post, you must post it in it's entirety on this forum. NO LINKS!
  5. At times we have to remove vendors from the site. Sometimes it is not under good terms. But regardless. No current vendor is permitted to sell product for ANY past vendor who is not with us any longer. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.
I may add to this as our programs evolve in the future.
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