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Well I happily purchased a very nice Dodge Nitro here in Perth WA four days ago.
Service history, can be clearly seen the owner pampered the car for 8 years.
Reason for purchase, for my wife plus it could tow small caravan.

Went and purchased a caravan yesterday.
400k drive back home.
Towed really well.
Kept an eye on the water temp all good...then along the way bang temp shot up like a rocket!
I think the engine is totalled, wont turn over, its too tight.
No obvious leaks to be seen, no problems visible at all as to what the cause was.

I suspect bad thermostat or possibly fan or pump.
Anyway sad as it is (4 days) looks like I'm going to need a head job at the least or replacement engine.

Purchase cost was $12,500

Anyone know what kind of price I can expect for a head job and or what kind of price for a recon engine?
Here in Perth. Would be great if a Perth local knew of local people to use or who could chat on the phone.
LOved getting ther car im so pissed.
Weve had a hard run this last 16months, things were just looking up for us and here we go again :-(
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